Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cabin pictures from the week

This yellow tree has looked like it was dead since we moved here. Everybody told us it would get beautiful yellow flowers, but we were doubtful since it looked so bare. But, they were right - it suddenly exploded in these huge yellow flowers. It's gorgeous, and the pictures don't really do it justice.

This is another yellow flowered tree in the jungle behind the second cabin.

This is the bathroom from outside. One and a half walls are up, and the box sitting on the floor is the sink top so we can see how much room we'll have when the fixtures are installed.

The view from inside the cabin's front door. The door on the left will be the kitchen, and the door on the right will be the bathroom. Tom plans to put a wall up the middle of the cabin this week to separate the bedroom/bathroom from the rest of the living space in the cabin.

It's hard to see, but the thermometer reads 100.6. This is perfect yogurt making weather! I just boil the milk, let it cool to 100, put a half cup of live yogurt in each container, and let the containers sit on the counter for the afternoon. By dinner time, I have perfect yogurt, no yogurt maker required!

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