Sunday, April 15, 2007

Barton Creek Pictures

This is the road between the swimming hole and where we went to look at horses. At the deepest spot in the crossing, the water came up to where the running boards would be on the truck. We suddenly see the benefit of training riding and driving horses to the water - it's not just to make it through the water obstacles on a cross country or marathon course! As we ran around Barton Creek looking at horses, we went through this crossing three times, and had to wait once for a wagon pulled by a pair which had stopped to drink from the creek, and once for two horses who were being ridden by two young women. These horses also drank from the creek - it looks like all the horses take water where they can get it when they're out and being used.

This crossing is on the road we took out of Barton Creek, and we felt it was definitely the lesser of two evils since the new road we took in from the village of 7 Miles was a series of very steep switchbacks down the mountain. Tinkerbell's brakes were really burning, and Tom found a level spot and stopped to let them cool about halfway down because he could feel the brakes getting mushier and mushier. Tinkerbell isn't making that trip again!

Marge catching the Spiderman basketball. Dennis, Jo-Lisa, and Wilton could all bounce it back to me off their heads when I tossed it to them. The two boys were good, but Jo-Lisa was great and never missed. All the kids learn to play soccer in school.

Hilda and Christalee

Wilton swinging into the swimming hole at Barton Creek.

Dennis swinging into the swimming hole at Barton Creek. Dennis is the brother of Jo-Lisa, Hilda's babysitter.

Selwyn with Christalee

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Hey om and Marge, looks phenominal! Can't wait to get down there and show my two girls your work in progress. It's about time I looked at the site. Not that we haven't been busy or anything. Talk to ya later.