Thursday, October 27, 2016


In our ongoing Hurricane Earl cleanup, we are finding a few things, and one of them is a fruit tree that not only we didn't know we had, but we also didn't even know that this type of fruit existed.  This is a sincuya...I think, at least according to Google. I'm not sure if it has an English name.  It's sort of like a sour sop, but the flesh is orange, and it tastes and smells very sweet and pleasant.

When Moonracer Farm was first titled, it was an orchard.  Through the jungle, we find rows of fruit trees of all sorts: citrus, mango, avocado, sour sop, custard apple, sapodilla, and, obviously, things we've never heard of like sincuya.  I don't know if this tree never fruited before, or if we just never looked at the right time of the year until now, when we were cleaning hurricane deadfall from around the tree and Julio made us aware that the fruit on the ground was tasty. 

#belizefood #tropicalfruit

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