Saturday, October 1, 2016

Horse hauling, cow hauling?

Life in Belize...Tom went down the hill from 7 Miles into Barton Creek to talk about getting Internet for the school kids in the village (another blog post when the story is finished...).  On the way back up, he had to halt at a switchback because a Mennonite was using his two horses to haul a trailer containing a feral cow and her calf who had run off and were too wild to lead home, and the load up the long steep hill was too much for the horses.  So, Tom backed down so the Mennonite could back his horses to the switchback where it was wide enough for Tom to get by, and Tom pulled ahead.  He hooked the tow rope to our little blue truck and the doubletree of the horses' harness, and gave them a little extra pull until they were on the flat.

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