Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So, you're going out to see your lovers?

A funny Belize moment.

Tom and I were going out shopping today.  I was dressed in a flowered dress with my favorite red strappy clogs, and Tom was wearing decent sneakers, Carharrt shorts, and a button up shirt.  A couple of local friends were here working, moving dirt and stones into the area that we hope will shortly be our kitchen.

As we went to get in the little blue truck, we stopped to tell them what we were doing and to say goodbye.  One of them said, in Spanish, "So, you're going out to see your lovers?"


The answer:  Uh, Tom, you're not in a sweaty t-shirt, shorts, and boots.  Marge, you're not in your rubber boots, sweaty t-shirt and shorts, dirty, and surrounded by horses.

Obviously, you're not in your daily routine, so obviously headed out to see your lovers.  (Novios, in Spanish.)

Us:  Uh, yeah.  We're going out with each other.  So, yeah, we're both going out with our lovers.  Bye."

We love these guys.  They're so frank.  And we love living in Belize.


sandy a. said...

That's awesome! ha ha!

Suzanne McDaniel said...

LOL.. love it!

BTW- I had contacted you awhile back about coming in October to scout out a place to live and such. Just as an update we ended up deciding on Costa Rica (mainly because we have friends there already) and are headed out in 2-3 weeks to our new home.

Love keeping up with your blog!

Marge & Tom Gallagher said...

Suzanne - I caught up on your blog a few weeks ago, and saw that you were leaning away from Belize. Good luck where ever you end up, and I'll keep up on your blog!

Marge & Tom Gallagher said...
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