Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christi & Mike

This time of year here is usually very quiet tourism-wise, and very busy weather wise since it’s the height of the hurricane season. This year, however, has been exactly the opposite for us, with enough guests to keep us busy, and generally gorgeous weather. So, when we haven’t been busy with our guests, we’ve been busy being outside and having fun, or, as you can see from previous blog entries, building our new kitchen and dining room. But, I’m finally getting around to updating the blog with the visitors we’ve had since the end of August! Sorry for the delay, Christi and Mike!

Christi and Mike from Texas stayed with us for the last couple of days of August. Christi and I had communicated quite a bit prior to their stay, and, on our advice, they spent the first bit of the inland portion of their stay at Caves Branch because they wanted to do the Black Hole Drop. It’s an awesome tour and worth doing, but it’s very expensive to do it from our place because on top of Caves Branch’s tour price, you have to pay for transportation to get there and back, not to mention it becomes a very long day by the time you add close to three hours of driving to a long hike and the actual Drop. So, they stayed at Caves Branch and did the Black Hole Drop, and caught a Caves Branch transfer to San Ignacio the next day, where Tom met them.

The next day they toured ATM with Gonzo, and, predictably, loved it. The water was a little high and Christi said the going was tough at some points, but they conquered the cave and were amazed at its beauty and archeological significance.

They were only here for two nights, so they had to leave the next day for the cayes. Fortunately, they only had to get to the water taxi and didn’t mind having a little bit of time to kick back and relax, so we had a very enjoyable morning visiting with them. Tom and Mike discovered that they’re both Eagle Scouts, and Christi and I enjoyed sitting on the porch and just visiting. Then, off to the water taxi for the diving part of their Belize adventure at Xanadu in San Pedro.

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