Monday, October 25, 2010

Hurricane Richard Aftermath

We came through Hurricane Richard with lots of downed trees (including one mango, boohoo), but all people, horses, dogs, and buildings are fine. The road was blocked by downed trees both north and south of our driveway; Tom was out clearing the road before 6 this morning. We're not sure how the rest of the country fared since the only news sources we have are international internet news services, but no deaths are being reported so we're hoping for the best. We talked to Julio this morning and he said the Village of 7 Miles is fine, with some trees down, but as far as he knows, no major property destruction or casualties. We'll be spending today clearing away the downed trees and fixing fence.

Tree down in the heliconia near the porch

More of the tree in the heliconia

View from our house toward the guest cabin

More of the view toward the guest cabin

Tree down on the path to Tony and Lodo.  This one took down the mango.

Trees down in Tony & Lodo's paddock

Lodo says it was a very scary night.

We have some fence fixing to do

This one involved some fence as well

Tony says it wasn't THAT scary.  Where's breakfast?

Small tree down near the tack shed

Tree in the road to the south of our driveway

Tree in the road to the north of our driveway
Path back to the palapa

More path back to the palapa

Tree down near the palapa

Trees broken near the top near the palapa

Palapa area, by the driveway.  But nothing hit the palapa!


JRinSC said...

Good news!! Glad to hear you were spared major damages.. I heard that Force 1 winds made it inland to where you guys are so I was worried.

Just think of the size of the compost pile you can make!! LOL


sandy a said...

looks like a big mess, but messes clean up. Glad y'all are OK!

JRinSC said...

Glad to see you managed to get through Richard so well.. I was afraid to end up seeing the new building with a repair job required. Well done Tom!

jboz said...

Good to hear you all made it thru with out major damage or problems! We've been thinking about you!

Terdal Farm said...

Thanks for the photos. I was worried; seeing them reassures me.
I'm glad Julio says & miles is OK.