Sunday, May 30, 2010

“Tom, Stop In”

A couple of weeks ago, Tom went with Angelika (our “egg lady”) and Ralph, her husband, in our pickup to Spanish Lookout. When they got home, they realized that they were short a bag of rice and a bag of nails. Without phones or any other way to communicate out here – they don’t have email – Angelika had the brilliant idea that we or someone who would see us would drive by sooner or later, and get this message to Tom so she could ask him to look under the truck seat for the missing items. We saw the sign on our way out to Caye Caulker with Uncle Don and Company, stopped in, and got the message. When we got home, Tom checked under the seat, and sure enough, the stuff was there and was delivered the next day. You can always depend on the jungle wire!

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