Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kimberly & Jeremy

Our next guests were Kimberly and Jeremy from Florida. We were a little nervous about them coming to stay with us out here in the jungle because Kimberly had warned us that she has a phobia about spiders. But, we didn’t have to worry because even though a few spiders did dare to show their little spider faces while she was here, Jeremy referred to all of them as crickets and Kimberly managed her fear with all of us laughing about it in the end.

Tom picked them up at the airport, and they started their Belize vacation with lunch at Cheers and a stop at the Belize Zoo. The next day they did the Ka’ax Tun tour in the morning (no spiders, I guess they were sleeping in, only crickets) and one of Janet’s famous lunches at Julio’s house. In the afternoon they took the car up to Big Rock and managed to get in a full afternoon of waterfall viewing and swimming.

The following day they went on the all-day tour of Tikal, and returned that evening for dinner with us and our newly arrived guests, Hanna and Chris. The next day Hanna and Chris wanted to rest – they’d flown in from England and were a bit jet-lagged – so Kimberly and Jeremy went with Tom on an all day horseback ride to Sapodilla Falls. Monday all four of them went to ATM with Gonzo, and we met them in town after the tour and all of us went to dinner at the South Indian Restaurant in San Ignacio.

We had a ton of fun eating and visiting with them, and because they love to cook and eat, we spent a lot of time doing just that, and talking about food. They love wine, and shared our distress that it’s difficult to get a good bottle of wine here for a reasonable price, and have promised to come back to visit, with wine! We can’t wait!

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