Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hanna & Chris

Hanna and Chris are Germans living in England, and their trip to Belize was their honeymoon, delayed by six months. They had a late afternoon flight into Belize after two days of traveling, so Tom picked them up and they came directly back to Moonracer Farm. I think they may have been a little overwhelmed their first night here, since they were exhausted from traveling and Kimberly, Jeremy, Tom and I were already well acquainted and quite comfortable with each other after spending a couple of days together. However, it didn’t take them long to join the party.

The next day they took the car and did the Mountain Pine Ridge tour on their own. They visited Big Rock and Five Sisters and then returned to take a small hike around our property and visit with the horses. Chris and Lodo seemed to enjoy talking with each other for a while.

The following day they did the ATM tour with Kimberly and Jeremy, and we all met for dinner at the South Indian Restaurant in San Ignacio.

At Caracol the Montezuma Orpendalas and their nests that look like baskets hanging from the trees are a sight to see.

They then took the day trip to Caracol, which they enjoyed although they went with a guide who hadn’t done the tour for a while, and didn’t know that we always promise a stop at Rio On Pools on the way home. They didn’t think to say anything to the guide until after they were past the Pools and heading back since they didn’t know where the Pools are, so when they arrived here the guide was very upset because he thought he’d made a mistake, even though Hanna and Chris weren’t really upset. And, it all worked out for the best because that day Tom and I had been talking about taking a picnic dinner up to Rio On the following day, but we weren’t sure if Hanna and Chris would want to go there again.

The following day they went to Ka’ax Tun in the morning and had lunch in 7 Miles. While they were there with Tom, I made a white vegetable lasagna, fresh bread, salad, and some cookies and packed that up with a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne. When they got back here, they changed into swimsuits and we loaded up the car and headed up to Rio On Pools.

We spent a couple of hours climbing on the rocks and swimming in the pools, and just as the sun began to set we went to the overlook and unpacked still warm lasagna and bread and still cold wine and champagne and had a great dinner as we watched the sun set and the stars made their appearance. We hadn’t done this before, but all four of us really enjoyed the evening in such a beautiful location, and we’ll definitely do it again – and Chris and Hanna definitely thought it was great compensation for missing the stop at Rio On Pools on the way back from Caracol, especially since by the time we got there, we had the place to ourselves and they would have had to share it with the rest of the Caracol visitors the day before.

Hanna and Chris had a stay with a few transportation glitches, all of which worked out for the best for them for a change. They missed the stop at Rio On with their Caracol trip, but ended up there for dinner the next day. They weren’t sure how they were going to get back to the coast to head out to the cayes, and had been discussing whether they wanted Tom to take them back, or whether they would take the bus from San Ignacio. After Tom discussed the Rio On issue with Gonzo, Gonzo had asked if he could borrow our car to go to Belize City on the day Hanna and Chris were scheduled to leave, and we had responded that it depended on what Hanna and Chris decided to do. What they decided to do worked out for the best for everybody, and they left with Gonzo before 6AM the next day and he dropped them at the water taxi – so Gonzo had the use of the car and Chris and Hanna had a free transfer to Belize City. And even though we woke them up at 5:30AM when Gonzo arrived, they managed to get themselves ready and be on the road by 6:00, without forgetting anything!

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