Friday, December 4, 2009

Wildlife Cam pic of the week

The Cuddeback wildlife camera only got one good picture this week, of this grey fox.

If you don't follow the comments on old posts, you probably don't know that we got more information on the previous set of pictures posted. The spotted cat is an ocelot - you can tell by the length of its tail. The two small animals are agoutis, and there are two in the picture, not only the one I identified initially. Nobody is positive about the dark cat, but everybody (including me) thinks it's probably the feral domestic cat we see around here.

Thanks to Roni Martinez's comment, the camera is now mounted a little lower, and I've tried to point it more directly towards the center of the trail. His comment came in just as I was downloading this week's pictures, so I took the camera right back out and tried to use his tips. Thanks, Roni!

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Wilma said...

Looking forward to the next photos!