Friday, December 4, 2009

Kate & Simon - Travel Writers

Last week, we were very honored to be visited by Kate Joynes-Burgess and her husband Simon. Kate is in Belize for almost two months gathering information for a Belize travel guide to be published by W.W. Norton & Company. They’re trying to cover the whole country in this time, which means they have to do a bit of picking and choosing about where they want to stay, and we were very glad that they decided to spend a little bit of time at Moonracer Farm.

Tom picked them up at Jaguar Paw and made stops at Banana Bank and the Jungle Dome on the way back here. After a quick lunch, they headed into the Mountain Pine Ridge to visit Rio Frio and hike on the trails in that area, stopping at the Pine Ridge Lodge on their way back here for dinner. We made an early night of it, because they had to meet Selwyn early the next morning for a hike from San Antonio through the Elijio Panti National Park, with a stop at Sapodilla Falls, then on to Five Sisters Jungle Lodge. Tom picked them up there and took them to Blancaneaux, where they spent the next evening.

They had intended to go to ATM with Gonzo the next morning, but plans were changed because ATM had been closed due to flooding a couple of times earlier in the week. Instead, Tom picked them up early and made a quick stop at Big Rock, then came back here for a tour of our grounds which we’d skipped the previous day. They then went down to talk to Jackie about camping at the Barton Creek Outpost, and then on to Mike’s Place to see Barton Creek Cave.

By this time is was lunchtime, and despite having had upset stomachs the night before, they ate a typical Belizean lunch with Julio’s family in 7 Miles before taking a tour of the Ka’ax Tun Park and Education Center. Tom got them back to Blancaneaux by late afternoon so they could get massages in Blancaneaux’s spa – a very welcome Belize experience after two long, strenuous days of seeing the sights in the Mountain Pine Ridge!

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