Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Week on the Wildlife Cam

We had a busy week on the wildlife cam. I lowered it per Roni's suggestion, and while we still caught some tail ends, we got a few pictures of better quality. Let me know what you think!

Finally - a good picture of an agouti!
No idea whose tail this is. A coati? Tayra? Any other ideas?
A little better picture of our spotted cat. The same ocelot?
The neighbor's dog. Grrr.
A ground dove. Woo hoo.
The hind end of something. I suspect the neighbor's dog again.
Hmmmm...whose legs are these? And I wonder if he knew he was photographed...
Hind end of an agouti, I think.
Tail end of our favorite grey fox?


Wilma said...

Very interesting "captures"! We have to get one of these set up at our place.

Moonracer Farm said...

Wilma - You do! I'd love to see what you "capture" down there.

Anonymous said...

Really exciting pictures! - Dad