Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Karen, Charlie, and Brendan

Tom and I were very excited to finally meet Mark’s wife Karen and the rest of the family. In the almost two years we’ve known Mark, we had never met Karen or his son Charlie. Tom had been teasing him that Karen didn’t really exist, but now we know that she is a living, breathing person, as is Charlie. The man really does have a family! Unfortunately for Mark, Janie and Kelly’s spring break was the week before Charlie’s, which is why Mark came down for almost three weeks and the rest of the family has been in and out. While Janie and Kelly were horseback riding on Friday, Mark went to the airport to pick up Karen, Charlie, and Charlie’s friend Brendan. The whole family went for a great Zoo tour with Sharon on Saturday, and then Tom and I went horseback riding with Karen, Charlie, and Brendan on Sunday while Mark took Janie and Kelly back to the airport. Karen spent the past couple of days working on decorating the house, while the boys explored Belize. They went with Tom and Selwyn to Barton Creek and some of the Mountain Pine Ridge places on Monday, and then went to Tikal with Gonzo on Tuesday. Today they all took off for San Pedro until Saturday, when Karen, Charlie, and Brendan have to fly home. Mark will then be back at his house and here for a couple of days before he flies out early next week. We’re teasing Mark that he’s spending his whole vacation driving back and forth to Belize City, but he doesn’t seem to mind and we’re having a great time getting to know the rest of the family.

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