Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Evida and Diana from Hungary

March seems to be International Month here at Moonracer Farm. We barely had the room cleaned up from Pete’s departure when a car pulled in the driveway with Evida and Diana, two Hungarian women looking for a place to settle in Central America. They had spent a night in San Ignacio and wanted to explore the Mountain Pine Ridge for the day, and they were heading for 1000 Foot Falls. We gave them directions to the Falls and sent them off, and they were back for an early dinner and an evening of interesting (to us, anyway) conversation. Because 1000 Foot Falls can only be viewed from a distance, they weren’t overly impressed with it even though it is the highest waterfall in Central America, and we were all disappointed that they couldn’t stay another day to go to Big Rock or Sapodilla Falls. However, they did manage to take a tour of Barton Creek Cave on their way out the next day as they headed for the airport to fly to Honduras, the next leg of their exploratory trip.

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