Sunday, March 29, 2009

Horseback riding to Sapodilla Falls

A couple of weeks ago we had a free Sunday, so our friends Karen and Omar and their three kids Kimara, Dylon, and Venisha from Roaring Creek came up for a horseback ride. We took off in the morning and rode through the jungle and the Mountain Pine Ridge to Sapodilla Falls where we had lunch and a swim before heading home. It was a great day, and Tom and I found that we were really able to relax because Omar has trained race horses and has worked at some of the ranches in the area, so he was as comfortable on and around the horses as we are, and more comfortable than we are making sure their kids were okay. He did the tack check, picked a suitable horse for each kid, and made sure everybody’s stirrups were the right length before heading out. The kids were troopers about two hours each way in the saddle, and despite the frequent repetition of “Soon reach?” (Kriol for "Are we there yet?") everybody had a good time.

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