Sunday, September 14, 2008


Lodo is getting bigger every day, and he’s a solid little pony. He’s finally big enough that the foal halter fits, so we’ve been leaving it on him to make his leading lessons a little less traumatic – we’ve found it’s much easier to start by just clipping the lead rope to his halter, rather than having to wrestle with him to get the halter on in the first place. Tom started out pushing him backwards since he didn’t want to follow, then he’d go forward after Tom if I walked behind and poked him, and now he’s leading pretty well for the most part, as long as he’s going somewhere he wants to go.

He’s also starting to interact more with the other big horses, so we think we’ll start to rotate the other horses through the pasture with Lodo and Nessa so that when we turn them out in the pasture where we’ve been growing grass they can all work on the same paddock together rather than having to shuffle them in and out in shifts. Selwyn also put up fence poles to make a small paddock near the barn where Ness and Lodo spend the night, so we can put anybody who doesn’t get along in there and leave the middle pasture open so we can plant that pasture.

The grass here really does seem to grow in about three months, and since we have three more months of rainy season we’re hoping to get the other two pastures planted very shortly.

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