Friday, September 5, 2008

The Dangriga Riders!

Months and months ago, a couple from Pennsylvania who has been living in Dangriga doing some missionary outreach work stopped at our place to see if we’d be willing to work with them so they could take a group of boys they’d been working with for a trail ride. We didn’t hear from them and figured they’d either decided not to do it or had gone elsewhere, but then we received an inquiry email from Dale and Mary Ann a few weeks ago. We worked out the details and last Saturday the whole group – Dale, Carlos, Carlito, FuBu, Phillip, Kevin, and Tevin (in no particular order) – came for a ride to Big Rock.

Selwyn did his usual brilliant thing matching boys to horses, and we set out. Mary Ann and I rode at the rear of the group, and Dale stayed at the Farm with Tom so they could drive the bus up to Big Rock to meet us for lunch. On the trail, we ended up splitting into two groups, with one group being the madly galloping boys and Selwyn, who made it to Big Rock in the record time of just over an hour, and the other being Mary Ann and me riding at a more leisurely pace.

As planned, Tom and Dale met us and we had a picnic at the falls while everybody took a swim. Those under 20 gave those over 20 a few more gray hairs as they attempted to scale the falls above the big rock that gives the place its name, but Selwyn managed to wave them down, and they jumped off the Big Rock rather than the top of the cascade. Dale and Mary Ann switched places after lunch so Dale could ride home, and a couple of the boys who had had enough time in the saddle elected to take the bus back to the Farm with Mary Ann and Tom. We split up again on the ride home, with Selwyn leading the fast group and me ponying the two now riderless horses home. When we all got back, the boys got a little bonus ride as Selwyn, Dale, and Mary Ann agreed that it was a good idea for the boys to ride the horses back to our neighbor, Joe Tzul, who had let us use them for the ride. The horses were a lot more tired and sweaty than they usually are after a ride, and it’s probably safe to say that the boys and Dale and Mary Ann were a little more tired than usual, but in the end everybody had a great day and memories to last a lifetime.

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