Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miscellaneous Other Things

One of the good things about rainy weather the entire time Tom’s parents were here visiting us was that they became convinced that we needed a clothes dryer. We’ve become used to everything smelling slightly damp and moldy, but Mom and Dad correctly pointed out that our guests probably won’t like sleeping on smelly sheets. So, they went out and got us a dryer. Selwyn built me a gate so the dogs can’t make a mess of the new dryer like they did with the washer, and now I have a laundry room. We haven’t found out yet how the laundry gods are going to deal with this!

Ronald seems to have become the strangler fig removal expert. He removed it from our almond tree, and then from the sapodilla near the tack shed, and he spent this morning working on one of the mango trees in our yard. Most of the top of the tree had to be removed, and Ronald did a lot of it with just a machete, but towards the end he used the gringo saw, with Tom coaching. Unfortunately all of our batteries ran out, so the job will have to be finished after we run the generator and charge the gringo saw batteries.

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