Monday, January 21, 2008

Crazy Lady Reflections

Sometimes I think I’m a little nuts and that I’ve turned into a real crazy dog lady. I had one of those moments last week, when I realized I was feeding the dogs carrot peels and yogurt along with their kibble. What kind of dog food is that??? Actually, the dogs love both yogurt and carrot peels, and I figure they’re both probably good for them, so if what’s probably considered human health food makes the dogs’ food taste better to them, what the heck?

In the category of “Things I didn’t know I miss,” I learned that while I’m not consciously in withdrawal from my old newspaper habit, I’m missing newspapers nonetheless. Our neighbor from Minnesota, Mark, was down here for a week and a half with his daughter and a friend of hers, and along with bringing us his usual selection of things we can’t get here, he came with the most recent Sunday New York Times. Ah, heaven! I limited myself to a section a day, and finally polished off the remaining sections sitting in the sun one afternoon last week. The only hard part was that although I was itching to have a go at the Sunday Crossword, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting the NYTimes delivered the next week so I’d never know the answers I missed, and I figured that after not doing any crosswords for the last year, I probably wouldn’t be sharp enough to finish it and get everything right. What was really funny was that when Sharon was here from the Zoo yesterday, she saw the Times sitting on the horn box, and when I told her I was done and she could take it, she was as thrilled as I was. As she was leaving, she slipped and dropped some of her things on the wet steps, but all she was worried about was getting the newspaper picked up and back in order.

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