Monday, January 21, 2008

It’s a little bit less like a zoo around here…

The other busy-ness around here last week was the crew working for the Belize Zoo. They cleaned up all the spikes in the back field, as well as all the spikes from the one complete cage they dismantled. They left one of the cages that they planned to take, because by the time they were done cleaning up the entire property and removing the second to last cage, they only had one day left to work, and Blad, the Zoo foreman of the crew, didn’t think they could get the cage down and clean it up in one day.

So, a big pile of cage material is ready to be picked up, and one cage remains standing. Sharon Matola from the Zoo stopped by yesterday to see what had been done, and she said that they are going to start working on the new tapir cage this week, and depending on how that goes, they’ll determine when they’re going to get the remaining cage.

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