Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The end of the dry season is fire season

This year's dry season ran from the beginning of March until the second week in June.  After three months of almost no rain, even the jungle was very, very dry. 

The thing with fire and the dry season is that the best way to protect your property from fire is to burn everything that could possibly accidentally catch fire. So, we raked and burned our property lines and paths both to get rid of some of the tinder, and to create firebreaks. This works well, in theory, until a breeze kicks up when the fire isn't totally out. 

That's what happened with the fire in these pictures, which is on our water tank hill.  We had burned the path from our house up to the water tanks to protect the PVC water line, and the next afternoon we smelled smoke and heard popping.  We ran up the hill with our machetes, and found that the fire had spread around the top of the hill.  We put out the edges and stopped it from spreading, but it added a bit of excitement to our afternoon. 

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