Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our REAL summer Project: New Rooms!

Our big project this past summer has been building three new "rooms' which we are calling the Cohune Camping Casitas.  They are not luxury accommodations by any means, but at $35US/night for double occupancy, they are the only budget accommodations in or near the Mountain Pine Ridge.  

Each casita is a raised platform with a porch and a separate lockable room with a short wall, and screens and curtains all the way around.  You have the option of a queen bed or two twins, and each room has a toilet and sink in the room. A shared shower with hot water is available next to the guest kitchen.  The rooms are small and basic, with running water but no electricity, but they are clean, comfortable, and private. 

The view from the door from the porch into the bedroom

A toilet in each room

Side view of the camping casita...landscaping to follow!

I will do a separate blog entry of the building process, which is all Belize!

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