Monday, March 7, 2011

Sara & Casey

Tom did the pickup at the airport for Sara and Casey from Vermont. They had planned this vacation almost a year ago, wanting to make sure they could do what they wanted for their belated honeymoon after getting married at the end of October. Although Milka and Lovre had arrived earlier at the airport, they went cave tubing with Selmo and the timing worked out perfectly so that Tom and Selmo met at the end of the Georgeville Road to bring all four guests up the road together.

On their first day here, Sara and Casey went to ATM with Gonzo and Carlos and the women from New York City. I had to laugh, because Sara was as offended as I would have been by the attitudes of the New York City women who wanted all the comforts and convenience of city living in the jungles of Belize. Women from Upstate New York and Vermont are just different animals than women from The City!

The next day, while Milka and Lovre went to Caracol, Casey and Sara took a day trip to Tikal. They were impressed with the site, and found climbing the temples at Tikal more strenuous than touring ATM! They remarked on how nice it is that you can actually climb the temples and really see everything inside and out, despite the fact that it’s inherently dangerous because you’re on top of very tall piles of rock without guardrails, and with very steep almost ladder-like steps – if you’re lucky, and if not it’s just the standard temple steps.

After two days of high-impact adventures, Sara and Casey had scheduled a down day to they could do what you’re supposed to do on vacation and rest. Casey actually rested, and hung around the farm doing a little bit of travel laundry and getting some hammock time. Sara wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to live in Belize, so she went with Tom to take Milka and Lovre into San Ignacio to catch the bus, and then went shopping in Spanish Lookout. She remarked that Spanish Lookout is “different,” but was surprised by how much you can find there if you know where to look. Sara and Tom were home for a late lunch, bringing barbequed chicken and flour tortillas home from one of the street side vendors in Santa Elena.

For their last full day at Moonracer Farm, Casey and Sara decided to tour Ka’ax Tun. We have not taken any guests there since Hurricane Richard in October, and Tom wasn’t sure what they would find because he knew that while Julio had been into the park, there hadn’t been any major cleanup effort. They found that a lot of big trees are down, and in one spot a falling tree knocked a large boulder loose, and that boulder is now blocking one of the trails. But, everything was passable, so they were able to see all of the highpoints of the park. Tom did return with some sad news, however – a white collared manakin who had a lekking spot right off the trail, and who was frequently there doing his little manakin dance, became a meal for a hawk. The lekking spot is growing over, and all that remained of the bird were some feathers.

Tom did Sara and Casey’s transfer to the water taxi the next day. They wanted to catch a 12:15 water taxi to San Pedro, but wanted to stop at Sak Tunich for gifts, Running W to pick up some meat to cook in the kitchenette in San Pedro, and the Belize Zoo. They managed to squeeze all three stops in, although Tom said they were a little rushed at the Zoo even though they left here shortly after 8AM. But, they made it to the water taxi with perfect timing, bought their tickets, and set off for the next leg of their Belize adventure.

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