Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love the new kitchen

Have I mentioned that I love my new kitchen?  We’ve now been in it about a month, and the novelty of having a large well-lit space has still not diminished.  We had a few guests who rented the whole cabin so I was feeding a lot of people for every meal, and we also had a lot of extras over the holidays with our guide friends stopping by or doing drop-offs or pick-ups and deciding to stay for a meal – which is the way we like it!  I share the space with a few birds who seem to like to stop by to see what I’m doing; it has become routine for me to look up and see a hooded warbler or a wood thrush perched on the rail around the dining room, or to look at my feet and see an ovenbird or a water thrush hopping through the kitchen, or, once, to stand at the stove stirring something, hear a buzzing near my ear, and turn and see a hummingbird hovering right next to my head looking to see what I’m doing.  And, we get WiFi in the dining room, so the dining room table has become our new office – and we couldn’t ask for better working conditions!

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