Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alex ‘s Return Home

Our friend Alex was just here for his winter break from Julliard in New York City, and he arrived with a huge bag of books and school supplies for the schools in 7 Miles.  He said put the word out among his school friends that the schools here needed books and supplies, and everybody gave him something to bring.  When he delivered the goods, he talked to the officials in the town and at the school to see if he could do anything else to help, and they told them that if he wanted to do some fundraising, they would put any money he collected towards finishing the inside of the library.  Right now, the library is just a shell, and it needs shelves for all the books, as well as furniture and wells to make a study space for the students.  Alex returned to Julliard with a clear goal, and hopes to be back this summer to work on the project.  Thanks, Alex, both for the supplies and for the effort to improve the school and the town!

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