Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tom is Back to Work

After three months of visiting and traveling, Tom is finally getting back to work. After going to the US in July, then helping Marjie and Chuck drive through Mexico, then spending ten days with Rich and Sarah in August, then a week with Karin in Cancun, and finally meeting up with Michele and Christine just last week, he again has his nose to the grindstone and is getting big jobs crossed off his list.

He’d been talking to Noah since the beginning of August about supervising a crew to chop our neighbors Todd and Tatiana’s property line, and he finally had time to put the crew together and go out and do it. It’s almost 80 acres, so it was a pretty big job, and the property line crosses some pretty rugged terrain. It took Tom working with three other guys (you don’t expect Tom to just sit back and “supervise,” do you?) almost two weeks of chopping, plus some time upfront to hack through the jungle and find the cement survey markers. They finally finished last Thursday.

Getting that job done coincided with Marjie and Chuck being able to move their stuff out of the shop, so Tom jumped right in to working on a bookcase for some friends in Belmopan who had been talking to Tom about building a bookcase since last spring. We kept running into delays on both sides that prevented the project from starting – Tom went away, Cindy broke her ankle so couldn’t go out to look at wood, and just all the scheduling difficulties of two busy couples – but we finally got wood samples to Rich and Cindy so they could select the wood, and then just a few weeks ago we met Rich for lunch in Spanish Lookout to discuss requirements and rough plans. Tom has been noodling it in his head since then, so as soon as he had room to move we cut some boards with the table saw, and he’s now putting pieces together. Hopefully by the next blog entry we’ll have pictures of some finished (or at least almost finished) shelves!

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