Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bye, Alex!

We finally said goodbye to Alex a week ago today. He spent all of the week before volunteering in 7 Miles at the government school, and had a great time working with the kids at school and then playing with the kids in town while staying with Julio’s family. He came back here on Saturday morning in time to help with the moving of the shed near Chuck & Marjie’s camper, and then did a load of laundry so he could leave here with everything clean in his backpack.

On Sunday morning, Tom and I drove Alex to the Guatemala border at Benque Viejo. We helped him change his money, talked with him and the money changer about buses to various points in Guatemala, and said goodbye. His plan was to go through Guatemala to Mexico, visit Palenque, and then head towards Mexico’s Pacific coast. We don’t know yet if he stuck to his plans for Guatemala any better than he did with his Belize plans!

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