Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not much time off – Hooray!

After Mike and Stacie left just before New Year’s, we thought we were going to have five or six days without guests. We were sort of looking forward to a little time to catch up with ourselves and do all the things that don’t get done when we’re taking care of guests, but we were pleasantly surprised to have two sets of walk-up guests. One, Max and Marinda from Switzerland, stayed only one night, but we enjoyed each others’ company over dinner and breakfast, and they left with promises to contact Lonely Planet – where they say most of Europe gets travel advice – and give us a good review.

The next set was Kristi and Ray from Utah, near Moab, who were traveling through Guatemala and Belize and making plans as they went. They wanted to do a few things in the Mountain Pine Ridge and didn’t want to make the drive in and out of San Ignacio every day, and also didn’t want to pay what the big resorts in the Mountain Pine Ridge charge, so they said they were very glad to find us. They ended up spending three nights here, taking a drive up to Rio On Pools for a swim and a hike the day they got here, then spending a day at Caracol, then spending another couple of days hiking in the area. They left here and took an ATM tour with Gonzo on their way to hike in southern Belize, and Gonzo told us they were pleased with the accommodations and were planning to return at some point – good news for us since in addition to being glad to hear that we’re doing a good job with the business, we really enjoyed their company.

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