Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lodo’s First Pedicure

Little Lodo is now seven months old, and he’s been put in Tony’s care and seems to have adjusted to being separated from Nessa and Elphie, mom and sis. We noticed a couple of weeks ago that his little baby foal feet were starting to look like horse feet, and that they needed a trim. Tom decided that he’s going to make Lodo his project, and since filing off a little bit of Lodo’s toes seemed pretty simple, he could do it. So, we caught Lodo and Tom did it. Just like that. Catching Lodo is the toughest part of the job because he thinks it’s a game to play Catch Me if You Can whenever we try to get him, but once he’s attached to the lead rope, he’s actually a fairly tractable little fellow. He gave Tom all four feet (one at a time of course) without any protests or kicking. Tom said it was easier than trimming the dogs’ nails!

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