Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loose ends

Just to tie up a couple of loose ends:

Rosa named the baby Jim Alexander. Next time I'm over there I'll get some new pictures.

And the BDF returned the tow chain, just as they said they would.

And something horse people will appreciate - we just had the vet out here to do the annual rabies shots for the horses. For five horses, it cost $75US. Yes, $15US per horse. And we can buy the other shots at the feed store and do them ourselves, although since $75US includes the farm call to the middle of no where, I think we'll just have the vet out to do it again some time when he's in the area.

Selwyn's son Junior has decided that he will continue to go to school. He wasn't too sure until Selwyn pointed out to him that he is now on the same adult working schedule as Selwyn, and when Selwyn goes to work, Junior goes to school. All grown up, and only in kindergarten!

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