Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dog Food Review

The jury is still out on the Spanish Lookout mill’s dog food. Besides being much less expensive than the pre-packaged kibble, the dogs absolutely love it. I like it because I can add a fair amount of water to it to make it the right consistency for them to eat, and with the heat here I think getting more water in their systems is a good thing. They also seem to poop less, which probably means it’s more digestable since they’re getting the same amount weightwise as they had with the kibble. However, their poop is a little runnier which makes it a pain to clean up, and I’m not sure if they’d be better off if it was more solid. The other thing I wonder about is the amount of corn in the food. I can see the ground corn both in what goes in their bowls, and what comes out the other end. But, their weights are all good, and they look and act healthy, so we’re going to stick with this food for a while. Plus, I know there’s corn in the kibble dog foods, it’s just ground finer, not to mention our dogs have always had a pretty high grain intake since they’re all horse feed junkies.

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