Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Cage

We’ve decided, we’re not going to get a tree here this year. Real trees are hard to come by, and we’d feel bad having a pine in our house when the Mountain Pine Ridge needs every pine that will grow in order to recover from the pine bark beetle blight. Neither of us really likes artificial trees, and they’re very expensive here. Actually, I don’t know how the prices compare to the US, but we’d spend over $100US on something we neither like nor want. And, we have Stout. Putting ornaments on a tree, real or artificial, anywhere below six feet above ground level is just asking for all the ornaments to end up in Stout’s mouth.

I pulled the Christmas box out of storage on Friday, and spent Friday and Saturday contemplating what to do with the Christmas decorations that meant enough to us to pack up and bring here. Sunday morning, I had a brainstorm – I decorated the bird cage. I still haven’t had the heart to put any birds in it when any bird I would cage could live just as happily here in the wild, so the cage has been on the porch collecting dust. And it was perfect for Christmas decorating – lots of places to hang lots of different ornaments at different levels. Best of all, all the ornaments are caged, so they’re at eye level for people, but safe from Stout’s mouth, at least so far.

Like the poinsettia tree, I’ll post a picture when I can. I’m not sure if it’s my computer, blogger, or our satellite connection, but I’ve tried every day and haven’t been able to post a picture. I’ll keep trying!

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