Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ka'ax Tun, a real jungle experience

Ka'ax Tun is a small, privately owned park behind the Village of 7 Miles, less than 5 miles from Moonracer Farm.  It is not on the tourist track for Cayo tours, but is an exclusive tour for Moonracer Farm guests and a few other select visitors.  

It is an area of broadleaf jungle with karst limestone formations, where a half day hike will give you an introductory course on geology, natural history of the area, and Maya archeology.  You can explore jungle trails, small caves complete with Maya artifacts, and even do some rock climbing.  It's a great tour for groups because the more adventurous can climb on the rocks and crawl through small caves, while the less adventurous can still see everything there is to see.

When our guests take the tour, we usually also add on lunch with Julio's family.  Janeth is an excellent Belizean cook, so guests can see how Belizeans live in our local village, eat their delicious food, and visit with the family.

Ka'ax Tun was another area that took a pretty hard hit from Hurricane Earl in the beginning of August.  Tom and Julio just now finished cleaning it up so our guests will be able to enjoy it this busy season.

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The center of Ka'ax Tun is something like a cave without a roof.

The truly adventurous can climb the vines to get to the top.
Even if you don't climb, you can enjoy the filtered light of the jungle overhead.

Many artifacts can be found in the caves.

Most pots remain as the Maya left them.
Many of the caves and passages to the caves are easily accessible.

While much wildlife is sighted in the jungle, you have to go in the caves to see the bats.

After Hurricane Earl, this is what Tom and Julio were faced with clearing.

It looks daunting...

...but branch by branch...

...the trail becomes passable.

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