Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're appreciated!

Last Friday was the primary school graduation at the government school in 7 Miles/El Progresso.  We went because we were invited, and we thought the invitation was because one of Julio's sons was graduating.  We were surprised when we got there and were escorted to seats in the front row...with our names on them!  We were even more surprised when, as part of the ceremony, the principal, Mr. Cano, started giving out Thank You Awards, and called Tom up to the podium.  Tom has done a lot to help the school, from fixing chairs to building a wall so the principal could have an office, but he thought the profusive thanks he always gets when he finishes a project was enough.  But Mr. Cano, the teachers, the students, and the school officials thought otherwise, and thought that Tom, along with other people, should be publicly thanked for his contributions. 

We were even more surprised we were called again to receive another Certificate of Appreciation.  This one was for what our business, Moonracer Farm Lodging & Tours, Ltd., contributes to the school, and it was really a gesture of appreciation for all of our guests who have made very generous contributions to the school, from clothing and uniforms to school supplies to books to shelves to money to be used as needed.  Mr. Cano was a little choked up, and said he is overwhelmed with the generosity of people who mostly haven't even been in the school or met many of the children.  So we, along with the school in 7 Miles, thank all of our guests, who probably don't even realize how much their gifts are appreciated.

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Sandy A. said...

that is so nice! You two contribute so much to the community there.