Monday, July 26, 2010

Janell & Doug on their 25th wedding anniversary trip

Janell and Doug came from Texas on a trip planned for their 25th anniversary. Bernel, a young friend of ours, and I met them at the airport when they arrived around noon. We immediately went to Cheers for lunch since everyone was hungry for a good meal. We then headed back 2 miles on the Western Highway to the zoo to get a good view of the animals that they may see here in the jungle.

In the morning they were off to Actun Tunichil Muknal to experience the river, cave, and Maya ceremonial site within the cave. They came back that evening energized, they did not find the walk up through the jungle and scrambling over the boulders in the cave as strenuous as many tourists. Luckily they had energy since a local student, Eric, in our area needed to interview someone for a school project. Doug happily agreed to help Eric so during and after dinner they discussed what a financial planner does daily in their job.

The next day Jenell and Doug departed for Tikal. I took them to the border to meet with our contact, Hugo. Hugo and his family do transfers from the border to Tikal and the town of Flores. When Janell and Doug were planning their trip with us over email, we had recommended they go to the border mid morning, around 10, take the transfer to just outside the park that Tikal is in, do the zip line, get a bite to eat, drive into the park and get tickets for the next day which you can use for that day after 3pm, and overnight in the park. Then the next morning get up early for the sunrise tour of the park, eat lunch, get a cab from Tikal to Flores and then stay the night in Flores for the night and enjoy the shops and eating places in Flores. They followed our advice and had a great time and took a bus directly from Flores, Guatemala, to Belize City the following day to transfer out to the cayes for a bit of snorkeling.

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