Saturday, September 5, 2009

And the roof system is started

Yesterday we got the following done:


Created working poles high enough to lift the side supports to the top of the poles.

Lifted the side supports to the top of the poles.

Notched the side supports so the posts cannot move from side to side.

Drilled and then put lag bolts in to keep the side support from falling off the posts.

And this is what it looks like with the side supports on the tops of the posts.


Put the main beams up on top of the side supports and nailed them in place.

And the main beams are all in.


Finally we put the roof support on the ends of the main beams.

Walking barefoot on the logs and using a chainsaw is not a skill I will be working on in this lifetime – I like the ground, I have just under 6 feet to fall if something goes wrong (as long as I am not walking in the jungle on a “goat trail” that drops off about 1,000 feet – which I do occasionally).


Wilma said...

Very instructive photos. I am enjoying following the process, and learning a lot too. It may come in handy in the not too distant future. Thanks!

Julian in SC said...

Looking good... well done Tom -- now you can do the next one by yourself. *grin*