Monday, February 23, 2009

Shane & Monique

We just said goodbye to Shane and Monique, who were our guests here for two weeks. Shane and Monique own 50 acres of land down the road, and they try to come visit it a couple of times a year and make whatever improvements can a) be made in a couple of weeks, and b) have half a chance of remaining until the next time they’re in Belize. They’re in a bind right now because they can’t move here until their house in Missouri is sold, but they want to get as ready as possible to make the move. So, they do some chopping, make contacts with people and businesses who they’ll need when they get here, and try to get some rest and relaxation in beautiful Belize. This trip they managed to get some chopping done on their land, and they’re getting a better understanding of the options for putting in a road to where they’d like to build their house. We have a great time visiting with them when they’re here, and we try to share whatever we’ve learned about building and living here since their last visit.

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