Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Belize Zoo 25th Anniversary

Tom spent this past weekend at the Belize Zoo's 25th Anniversary Celebration. While there he...

...saw the unveiling of the harpy eagle statue donated to the Zoo.

...watched the harpy eagle wedding.

...helped John, the Tropical Education Center Manager, Wilford, an assistant at the Zoo and TEC, and Miss Murial, the Cook at the Zoo.

...and had an up-close encounter with Junior Buddy, the Jaguar Ambassador at the Zoo, with Sharon and guests who stayed at the Zoo for a night and then drove Tom home, Jon, Karen, and their son Miles.


Sandy A. said...

Congratulations to Sharon and the Belize Zoo for 25 years of helping people have a better understanding of the natural world!

richies said...

I was able to visit the zoo in 2004. I really liked the zoo. The natural looking habitats were nice.

An Arkie's Musings

Anonymous said...

Sharon, Miss Murial and John:
Raquel (Nikki) and I have NEVER told you all how much you touched our lives -- I want everyone who reads this to REALLY understand how special these people are! Sharon - I was awestruck that you would come out to bid us good-bye in the pouring rain! We were so thankful, wonder-struck with our experiences with Junior, that to actually MEET you left me speechless and I appologize - I will hug you properly the next time we meet! John - from your smile, to your careful consideration of our comfort - you BE DA MAN! We DID break into Tinkerbelle -- but we also left the coins on the mirror- Marge and Tom understood! As for our wonderful cook? What can I say -- you sent Nikki away with a great breakfast wrapped in foil -- to be shared with her starving mother at the airport! The vanilla cake was wonderful! To any who read this-- please visit the 'Best Little Zoo in the World' and consider becoming a patron or, at the very least, leaving a donation. We LOVE you all and will be back as soon as we possibly can.

Shari Thayne
Raquel Gray