Saturday, September 1, 2007


I hit a milestone the other day. I made tortillas for lunch, and as Selwyn went back for his third, he said “These tortillas are GOOD, Margie.” Woo hoo! They’re still not round, but as a man who is a tortilla connoisseur after eating tortillas prepared by many excellent Belizean women cooks all his life, he hadn’t yet declared mine to be good. He’s always appreciative of the food he gets here, but, when asked, he admits that some of the Belizean things I make aren’t what he’s used to, and some of the non-Belizean things are just strange to him. I’m still not going to make chicken, rice, and beans when we go to pot-luck dinners around here, but at least I can stop being embarrassed about my tortillas!

Last week, Tom and Selwyn got a good start on the second cabin. A month or so ago, Selwyn and Tom dug the holes for the footers, poured the cement, and cemented in metal brackets for the 6x6 sapadillo support posts. We’ve been very carefully walking around the metal brackets, which were starting to get lost in the weeds, but now we don’t have to worry about tripping on them because all the support posts for both the bathrooms addition and the porch are up, along with most of the crossbeams for the floors.

Tom is in Spanish Lookout today getting the lumber to finish the floors and get the wall frame up so they can get the roofs on by the beginning of next week, and then it doesn’t matter if it rains since they’ll be working under cover anyway.

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