Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Two New Girls

I finally got the blog entry below done yesterday, just in time to hear a popping sound from the generator. Then, although the generator was still running, everything that had been running on the electricity from the generator stopped. Tom ran out and shut it off, and then took it apart and put it back together. He couldn’t see what was wrong with it, so the two of us loaded it into the back of the truck and he took off for Spanish Lookout to the store where we purchased it. Tom was a little peeved with himself that he didn’t find the shorted wire himself, but the diagnosis and repair at the shop cost a whopping $20BZ – plus, of course, the gas to get it there. In the meantime, I stayed home and tried to catch up on email, not knowing when it would be sent. I was delighted that a working generator came back with Tom last night, so all the email went out as soon as we turned the generator on today.

That, however, wasn’t done until the afternoon because we spent the morning picking up the two new horses, which are explained below. We saddled Esmerelda and Tony this morning and headed for San Antonio, and found the horses in Selwyn’s yard, as he had promised. They’re both pretty nice, despite the mare’s fat fetlock and the filly’s missing eye. We’d trotted most of the way to San Antonio, but we walked home pretty slowly since the mare doesn’t do much more than walk, although she’s not even all that lame at the walk. Tom ponied her from Tony, and I followed behind her on Esmerelda, keeping the filly on the shoulder side of the three horse fence. We had a few tense moments when the filly wanted to meet a little stud colt tied in somebody’s yard, and again when she wanted to say hello to some cows grazing on the side of the road, but we all made it home in one piece and the two new girls seem to be settling in. We’ve locked them in the front pasture, and it doesn’t seem like much name calling is going on over the fence between the two new girls and the other four.

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