Monday, May 14, 2007

A Mystery

I wrote yesterday that the rooster had been killed. What Tom didn’t tell me until after I posted the blog entry was that the rooster had been decapitated and his head was missing. This morning, the laying hen was dead and gutted, with a bite mark on the back of her head. This is a real mystery to us, since the chickens are in one of the cat cages which should be secure enough to keep predators out since it was secure enough to keep wild cats in, so we have no idea what is getting in there – or how it’s getting in – to kill the chickens and then disappear. With the rooster, we thought that he might have stuck his head out of the cage despite the chicken wire around the bottom, but the hen was obviously killed in the cage. We didn’t touch the “scene of the crime” this morning so Selwyn could take a look, and he is as baffled as we are. We blocked what could be an animal hole with a big rock, and put roosts in for the three remaining hens, and we’ll check the hens right before we go to bed tonight. If any of these hens disappear tonight, Selwyn says he’s going to camp out by the cage and solve the mystery.

The three remaining hens on the Chicken Survivor series. Which one will get voted out of the cage tonight?

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