Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We almost have water

Tom and Selwyn finishing the water tower

We spent all day Tuesday working on the water system. I scrubbed out the two tanks, and Tom and Selwyn spent the whole day building a tower behind the first cabin so the smaller tank can gravity feed the cabin, and the camper until we move into the cabin. Getting all the plumbing supplies took two trips into San Antonio because I went in with the original list, found that even though the hardware store is pretty well stocked they didn’t have everything on the list, and gave up and decided to let Tom figure it out himself. He went back to the hardware store on the way home with Selwyn, and while he couldn’t find the stuff on his list either, he got parts that he thinks will do the job. I guess we’ll see tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll have a dependable water system by the end of Wednesday.

1000 gallon water tank. It's almost full!

200 gallon water tank, ready to be lifted to the top of the tower. Then Tom just has to hook up the pump so we can fill this tank from the big one.

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Anonymous said...

Marge and Tom...congratulations on your continued progress...WATER. Will you allow the local kids to paint slogans on your water towers?
You have encountered endless challenges every step of the way and you have met them one at a time. It seems that patience is priceless in Bz.
Here in Western NY we have now topped 100" of snow. That fact should give you energy for the next 1000 challenges.
Jim K